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Date Title Actions
17th August 2023 Glaube Cooperate with Khimji on Large Shipment to Saudi Arabia view
23rd November 2022 Khimji Ramdas Oman Coordinate Heavy Lift Movements view
28th March 2022 Khimji Ramdas Oman with Heavy Lift Movement of Transformer view
23rd February 2022 Khimji Ramdas with Charter of Transformers & Reactors for Electricity Sector view
7th January 2022 Khimji Ramdas Deliver for Plant Extension in Sohar Free Zone view
4th November 2021 Khimji Ramdas Win Best Video at HLPFI's Heavy Lift Awards view
20th October 2021 Our 2021 Annual Summit in Croatia view
11th October 2019 Khimji Ramdas Manages Haulage of Diverter Damper in Oman view
20th September 2019 Khimji Ramdas Completes Haulage & Loading of Pressure Separators in Oman view
13th July 2018 Khimji Ramdas Deliver Heat Recovery Steam Generators in Oman view
16th January 2018 The Latest Graduate from our PCN eLearning Platform view
11th September 2017 Khimji Ramdas Deliver Rig & Accessories in Oman view
2nd March 2017 Khimji Ramdas Provide Specialised Freight Management Solutions for Rig Move view
6th October 2016 Khimji Ramdas Complete Cross-Border Transport of 2 Sets of Cargo from the UAE to Oman view
17th May 2016 Khimji Ramdas Provide Freight Management Services for 100tn Transformer view
10th May 2016 Khimji Ramdas Handle Sub-Sea Mining Equipment in Oman view
10th March 2016 Khimji Ramdas Move Consignment of Oversized Bitumen Tanks view
30th December 2015 Khimji Ramdas are Delivering Safety to Project Sites in Oman view
27th October 2015 Strong Coverage in Oman with Khimji Ramdas Projects & Logistics Group view
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