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Date Title Actions
11th April 2023 W.I.S. Italy Contracted for Oversized Motor Movement view
14th March 2022 W.I.S. Italy Handle 470tn Shipment of Valves to Egypt view
17th February 2022 W.I.S. Italy Handle Exceptionally Large Boiler view
12th November 2019 W.I.S. with OOG Shipment for Power Plant Project view
1st November 2018 W.I.S. Ship Injection Compressors from Italy to Kazakhstan view
25th October 2018 W.I.S. with Water Stripper Shipment from Italy to Kazakhstan view
20th October 2018 W.I.S. successfully ship sub-station from Italy to Kazakhstan view
17th October 2018 W.I.S. handle heavy Boiler Shipment from Italy to Kazakhstan view
6th August 2018 W.I.S. with Full Chartered River Vessel of Pipes view
2nd August 2018 W.I.S. Shipping Nickel Steel Plates for Tengiz Oilfield view
27th July 2018 W.I.S. with Pipe Shipments from Italy to Russia view
4th May 2018 G.P. Coordinamento Servizi (W.I.S.) with Big Delivery in Italy view
8th September 2017 W.I.S. Transports OOG Cargo to Kazakhstan view
7th September 2017 W.I.S. are Chartering Vessels for Large Pipes Project view
6th September 2017 W.I.S. with OOG Shipment from Italy to South Korea view
11th May 2017 W.I.S. Italy Report the Shipping of Pipes in Huge Ongoing Project view
14th September 2016 W.I.S. in Italy Add Bonded Warehouse to their List of Services view
13th September 2016 New Contract for W.I.S. to Handle Steel Pipes in Italy view
9th September 2016 W.I.S. Accomplish Delivery of 4 Big Valves from Italy to Kazakhstan view
28th October 2015 W.I.S. Transport Large Thrusters from Italy to Japan view
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