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Project Cargo Network (PCN), is a networking platform designed to bring together the world’s most experienced logistics companies. PCN is a powerful place for industry professionals to collaborate, communicate, find resources, share information, and above all else, work closely together on projects.

Meet your project cargo partner, Transnetwork African Freight of South Africa, offering the personal service you want, and the tailored solutions you need.

In collaboration with PCN partners from all corners of the globe, Transnetwork African Freight can handle your project’s every move, no matter the size, shape, weight, commodity, or complexity.

At PCN, we believe that you are the company you keep. So much so, that each partner must undergo a rigorous application process and annual audits to ensure that every member of our network is as highly skilled as the next. The clients of PCN members can open the door to end-to-end expertise, wherever the destination.

Flexible solutions for your transport needs

We believe in the best of both – personal local service as well as being the link between you and the rest of the globe. By working hand-in-hand together with our PCN partners, we can provide first-class local services on a truly international scale.

Transnetwork African Freight bring an in-depth understanding of your market, a friendly, local team, and the ultra-flexible solutions they're known for,. PCN members are anything but ordinary.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power & Energy
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Marine
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