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PCN Members Raise $14,755 for The Dream Trust in India

The main object of the Dream Trust is to help poor children with Type 1 Diabetes. People at large, in India, are not medically insured and have to buy their own insulin and syringes. Poor families find it difficult to commit a quarter of their monthly income for the healthcare required by a diabetic child. This is why they try to find short cuts which they wrongly believe will make treatment less expensive.

Please take time to listen to this short radio documentary. The majority of us are blissfully unaware of many issues going on in the world outside of our daily lives and it is only through journalists like Lucy Layock that we can learn about places like the Dream Trust.

This charity was chosen as it is close to the heart of PCN Chairwoman, Rachel Humphrey, who's youngest son, George was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 9 years old, in October 2010.

Rachel says "We are fortunate in the UK to have George's insulin and medication supplied by our health service. I understand that in India, many diabetic children from poor families suffer as their parents are sometimes unable to afford the medication that they need. I know the worry and fears for diabetic parents and hope that together, we can help them."

The PCN Head Office currently sponsors 11 children and over the past 3 years we have raised $14,755 during our Annual Summits. In November 2012, Rachel and her sister Mary, made a self funded trip to Nagpur to visit The Dream Trust.