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Polaris International Projects’ Successful Initiatives in 2024

15th March 2024

Polaris International Projects’ Successful Initiatives in 2024
Polaris International Projects’ Successful Initiatives in 2024

Polaris Shipping Agencies are thrilled to share a series of exciting updates from their project logistics division.

"As we kick off 2024, we express our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers and associates for their unwavering trust and support."

1. Urgent Rotor Transport Frame Mobilisation:

The dedicated Polaris Project team swiftly handled the urgent mobilisation of a rotor transport frame. The frame, with shipping dimensions of 1,455 x 215 x 166 cm and weighing approximately 16 MT, was being returned from Europe. The critical frame was urgently required for a faulty rotor in operation at the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority.

Recognising the urgency, Polaris promptly airlifted the shipment and successfully completed customs clearance. The frame was delivered to contractors on-site within the agreed time frame, allowing the company to proceed with the rotor repair.

2. Other Noteworthy Accomplishments:

  • Construction Equipment Shipment: Polaris efficiently handled around 3000 FRT of construction equipment from China to the UAE for an esteemed auction company.

  • Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes: Approximately 4500 FRT of seamless carbon steel pipes were imported from Japan to the UAE. These pipes will be shipped to CIS destinations upon completion of necessary pipelining procedures.

  • All Terrain Grove Cranes: Polaris has secured a contract for shipping around 15 units of all-terrain groove cranes, each weighing 70 tons per unit, from Fremantle, Australia & Haiphong, Vietnam to Mumbai, India. The trial shipment of one unit has already been discharged at Port Mumbai.

  • Smart Routing: Due to the unavailability of a direct service from Fremantle to Mumbai, the company expertly routed the shipment via Port Jebel Ali. Polaris ensured timely transit procedures and seamless on-carriage to Mumbai from Port Jebel Ali.

3. Jebel Ali Free Zone Advantage:

As a testament to their commitment, Polaris Shipping Agencies holds a dedicated Jebel Ali Free Zone License. This allows them to officially import shipments under their title, hold cargo in their Jebel Ali Free Zone facility, and re-export as needed by valued customers.

4. Second-Hand Construction Equipment:

"At Polaris International Projects, we continually strive to provide exceptional services. As we delve into the world of second-hand construction equipment, we’re excited to share some valuable enhancements:

Alongside our equipment offerings, Polaris now arranges value-added services, including:

Steam Cleaning: Restoring equipment to its best condition.
Mechanical Repairs: Ensuring optimal functionality.
Painting: Reviving aesthetics and durability."

5. Polaris Strengths:

European Heavy Lift Carriers Representation
As port agents in the Middle East and Persian Gulf ports, we proudly represent several reputed European Heavy Lift Carriers. This strategic partnership streamlines communication for our clients, allowing them to work seamlessly with a single point of contact - Polaris.

Our experienced project team ensures dedicated account management, actively listening to each client’s requirements and tailoring solutions accordingly.

6. Why Choose Polaris?

  • Comprehensive Services: Whether it’s heavy lift operations, intricate project movements, or specialised logistics, we’ve got you covered.
  • Global Reach: Our established network spans continents, ensuring efficient and reliable services.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Your success is our priority. We listen, understand, and deliver.

"Since 1992, Polaris Shipping Agencies has been a stalwart in the industry, providing exceptional services as a leading agency and project logistics company in the United Arab Emirates. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a global customer base, and we take pride in offering diversified solutions tailored to unique needs."