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PCN Extends Coverage in Central America with Rex Cargo

2nd October 2015

PCN Extends Coverage in Central America with Rex Cargo
PCN Extends Coverage in Central America with Rex Cargo

We are pleased to introduce Rex Cargo as new PCN members in Central America, representing 6 countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The company started business in 1975 and employ a total of 300 staff across their offices.

General Manager, Alvaro Alpízar states; "Rex Cargo is one of Central America's largest freight handling and forwarding organisations. With a robust footprint and established offices in all countries of the Central American Isthmus (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama), Rex Cargo employs around 300 professional, trained staff supported by state-of-the-art equipment and technology. This enables us to render all local services 'in house' at high levels of performance which exceed our customers and partners expectations.

Established in 1975 and with our head office in Costa Rica, Rex Cargo provides a wide array of services in relation to international cargo handling and forwarding such as:

  • Air, Ocean & Ground Transportation
  • Air, Ocean & Ground Freight Forwarding
  • Projects, Fairs & Expositions
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Airport Ground Handling Services
  • Cargo Screening with X-Rays & Explosives Trace Detection Equipment
  • High-Value, High-Tech & Perishable Handling Capabilities

Our company operates with an exclusive trucking fleet complete with container yard trucks, specialized trailers (roller beds, air rides, low boys, ramps etc.) and mobile x-ray scanners amongst others. We also offer company-owned warehouses, cold storage areas and airport handling equipment as part of the various tools that support our operations.

The largest project we have handled so far is the construction of Costa Rica's National Stadium (Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica - photographed above) for which Rex Cargo coordinated all of the logistics aspects and requirements from the handling of the soil samples to the building equipment, material and construction crew (700+) in an adjacent purpose-built camp. We also handled the merchandise and the guest worker's amenities including foodstuffs, lodging & recreational material.

The historic landmark is one of the country's largest construction endeavours consisting of 4000+ containers from various parts of the world, several hundred thousand tons of steel, building cranes and many other specialised equipment. For the project, Costa Rica's pacific railway was reactivated for movements from the port to the building site and a temporary dry channel was also activated to support ship operations and trucking to the building site. Special permits for the cargo and equipment used were also arranged."

Other projects handled by Rex Cargo so far this year are photographed in the gallery below including:

  • The complete relocation of an asphalt plant.
  • Movement for a high-security telecommunications facility in Costa Rica.
  • Transportation for a lorry festival held in Parque Viva, Costa Rica.
  • The complete relocation of Costa Rica’s central bank vault.
  • All of the refrigeration exhibitors & cold-rooms for Walmart in Central America.
  • Transportation for the Panam Grand Prix series in Miami, Mexico and Peru.
  • The relocation of radioactive medical and industrial material from Honduras to Frankfurt in Germany by air.
  • An exhibition of famous artists held in the Museo del Niño, Costa Rica: Rex Cargo handled a total of 150 famous paintings from various artists including Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Their responsibilities included; Packing; Transportation; Exhibition Site Movement; Un-Packing; Re-Packing; and Reverse Logistics.