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Innovative Project Logistics Solutions at Baggio Brazil

15th March 2024

Innovative Project Logistics Solutions at Baggio Brazil
Innovative Project Logistics Solutions at Baggio Brazil

We are pleased to welcome Baggio Shipping & Chartering as new members in Brazil. Recommended as professional agents by current PCN members, the company are experts in multimodal project freight forwarding, chartering and breakbulk shipping.

"Baggio is a project freight forwarding company combining experience with adaptability and dynamism. Our know-how and know-who allows us to create seamless solutions at competitive costs.

We carry years of experience in multimodal project and heavy-lift logistics, which is our main area of expertise, along with breakbulk and bulk cargo. When it comes to oversized and heavy loads, we understand that attention to detail and on-site coordination plays a defining role. Our expert team are able to tackle the most challenging projects.

With in-depth knowledge in handling large-scale logistics projects for various sectors, including oil & gas, mining, power generation, renewable energy, civil & port infrastructure, urban mobility and shipbuilding among others, our solutions are always customised for each challenge."

"We have passion to innovate and create out of the box solutions for special projects."

Some recently executed projects by Baggio Shipping & Chartering are outlined below.

Automobile Presses to Mexico - Multimodal Transportation of Several Heavy-Lift Units
15 Heavy-Lift Units Totalling 4,000frt.

  • Combining their chartering & project forwarding DNA, Baggio part-chartered two different vessels for the ocean and road moves of 15 heavy-lifts units from Brazil to inner Mexico. As well as being time-sensitive and requiring a sequenced delivery at the jobsite, the automotive presses were as high as 4.8m and as heavy as 132mtn. With proper planning and having boots-on-the-ground both in Brazil and Mexico, Baggio successfully executed the project, exceeding the client's expectations.

A-Frame from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to Rio de Janeiro
24.0 x 18.0. x 9.8m / 197mtn.

  • Baggio was given the challenging task of shipping a large A-Frame piece from Newcastle in the UK to Rio de Janeiro, where it would be installed on a PLSV. Under time pressure and severe draft restrictions due to a short tidal window at the origin shipyard, Baggio was able to safely and timely load and deliver the piece and its accessories.

3 x Locomotives and Woodpulp from Santos to Valparaiso and Callao
3 x 139mtn Locomotives & 5,000mtn of Woodpulp.

  • Baggio was asked in short notice to find a suitable vessel to load three locomotives to Chile and the challenge was accepted! With yet another demonstration of their chartering and forwarding combined mentalities, Baggio looked for combination cargo which could help build the necessary voyage. So by acting as brokers to a major Brazilian pulp producer, Baggio was able to combine and build the shipment of 3 x 139mtn locomotives to Chile with 5,000mtn of pulp to Peru.

1,002 x 40'HC and Project Cargo - Full Charter Vessel
Solar Panels & General Breakbulk Cargo for the Steel Mill and Pulp & Paper Industries.

  • After the unprecedented logistics chain disruption caused by the pandemic, Baggio was able to structure and execute a seamless solution for several different clients. By full-chartering a 50,000+ DWT Pulp tonnage and adapting her into a container-fitted vessel and leasing over 1,000 SOC containers, Baggio delivered a guaranteed and solid solution to industries suffering with months of bottleneck bookings from China to South America. 11 clients benefitted from the cargo loaded in the direct voyage to Brazil.