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Goodrich and Afriguide Logistics Handle 4 Heavy Motors

20th August 2020

Goodrich and Afriguide Logistics Handle 4 Heavy Motors
Goodrich and Afriguide Logistics Handle 4 Heavy Motors

Goodrich Central Asia and Afriguide Logistics were recently involved in moving 4 motors, each weighing 37mt with dimensions of 6.3 x 3.2 x 3.0m from South Africa to Kazakhstan.

Sanju K. Mani at Goodrich explains; "The motors were a challenge as they were packed in crates but Afriguide managed to work around this with ease. Access holes were cut at the shippers premises to facilitate the lashing on the trucks and on arrival at Durban, the holes were sealed off with a tarpaulin flap. After lashing, the tarpaulin was then securely stapled to the crate, ensuring it would not lift and expose the opening. We used the existing holes to access the lifting and lashing points on the motors and a small access hole was also cut in the base of the crate which enabled us to reach the lashing points on the flat-racks. We ensured that these holes did not compromise the safely of the motor at all. The access hole requires a perfectly vertical lift which is something that can be achieved by stevedores on a BBK vessel, but not at a CFS. However, Afriguide did exceptional work with a H-shaped spreader.

A similar process was carried out in Klaipeda once the units arrived before destuffing from the flat-racks, re-loading onto 4 railway platforms and further delivery to Kazakhstan."

This is the first lot for this project from South Africa to Kazakhstan with the entire shipment made easy for the client thanks to the professionalism and expertise of Goodrich Central Asia and Afriguide Logistics.