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Glogos Handle 784tn Shipment for Power & Energy Project

24th August 2016

Glogos Handle 784tn Shipment for Power & Energy Project
Glogos Handle 784tn Shipment for Power & Energy Project

Glogos have completed the delivery of power & energy engineering equipment including transformers and generators from Bulgaria to Egypt for the Schnell Group of Companies and El Sewedy Power System Projects.

The transformer's body dimensions were 9.14 x 3.40 x 4.10m and weighed 130tns. The shipment was transported from Burgas in Bulgaria to the Port of Adabiya in Egypt.

Valentin Berestovskiy at Glogos explains further; "34 units weighing a total of 784tns have been transported. Due to the absence of cranes capable of loading the 130tn transformers in the Port of Adabiya, a special heavy lift vessel was chartered.

The transformers were shipped as part cargo and under deck in the holds. As the shipper required the shortest possible transit time, the delivery route passed the Suez Canal which was quite a challenge. Other challenges included the chartering of a geared vessel on a last in/first out basis whilst keeping within budget."

Glogos met the deadline and the cargo was all delivered safely and on time after passing the Suez Canal and the Red Sea where the shipment successfully reached its final destination of the Port of Adabiya.

Please click on the gallery below for photos of the operations. Glogos have been valued PCN members in Russia since April 2011.