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Glogos Handle 365 Tons of Press Equipment

10th January 2014

Glogos Handle 365 Tons of Press Equipment
Glogos Handle 365 Tons of Press Equipment

Glogos Ltd, who joined PCN in April 2011, recently handled the successful shipment of 365 metric tons of press equipment from Moscow via Saint-Petersburg including terminal transportation in St. Petersburg for export to Asia.

Director at Glogos Ltd, Mr Konstantin Grinevich explains "The cargoes included two presses (100 and 150 tons), 5 OT containerswhichwas trucked from afactory in Moscow City. All the work was effected in a short period of time in order to arrange shipment before the New Year holidays in Russia. We managed to arrange pre carriage of the heavy pieces, loading and stuffing within 5 working days. Apart from the usual forwarding and cargo handling services we faced issues regarding the need to produce new tarpaulins and brezent roofs for open top containers and to arrange lifting and lashing scheme for heavy pieces, since the original cover did not have such.

The trucks drove onto the ferry in Moscow in time and after successful loading they began their journey in Saint-Petersburg. The convoy traveled about 860 kilometresto reach its destination.In the port we organized the unloading from trucks onto the quay, loading on vessel, documentations, securing the cargo inside vessel’s holds. The cargoes were loaded on a chartered tramp vessel which proceed to Hamburg."

Here are some photos from the shipment.