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Empowering Women to join Project Logistics

31st January 2023

Empowering Women to join Project Logistics
Empowering Women to join Project Logistics

Please click here to read a fabulous article in Lifting & Specialized Transport by Sanjna Vardhan of Procam Logistics (India). Here are some excerpts …

“The logistics industry is becoming more inclusive, with automation, e-commerce and technological advancements breaking barriers and creating opportunities for women, while organizations are working towards generating awareness and empowering women to join the field, and employers are creating supportive cultures with equal opportunities."

"My employer, Procam, supports women by creating a supportive culture with equal opportunities, internal and external trainings, and rewarding performances. We are also actively recruiting women in various departmental roles such as Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and IT Department. I also try to do my bit by visiting educational institutes to create awareness on Project Logistics."

"Each project presents new challenges, but the most challenging project I have worked on was the door-to-door logistics and installation of a machine line and automation for a leading automotive company in India. As the head of International Business at Procam, I specialize in Heavy Lift and OOG Project Logistics. This project required coordination and work both on and off the field, at the port and project site, where I was the only woman in a team of 30 men engaged in various roles."

"Despite the challenges, it was a valuable experience that highlights the potential for women in the logistics industry.

Over PCN’s 13 year history I have seen more women enter the industry and our Group Photos through the years show that. It is often said that women in male-dominated industries can struggle to achieve success due to stereotypes, gender bias and discrimination. However, I have not personally encountered any of these and have felt there is great respect and rapport between myself and my Members. In fact, starting PCN has been one of the best things that has happened to me!

My main experience over the past 25+ years in the industry has been to be myself – and not try to fit in. By resisting the urge to ‘become one of the guys’, you are able to establish genuine business relationships, while staying true to yourself. People, whether male or female, recognise and appreciate authenticity.

I believe that women successfully working in an industry predominately dominated by men can learn a great message - it makes you feel strong and capable of achieving anything in life!

Please click here to see a photo taken spontaneously at our recent meeting in Dubai of some of the women in our PCN family.

Thank you for your time and congratulations again to Sanjna.

Best wishes,

Rachel Crawford FCILT
PCN President/C.E.O.