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Convoy Logistics Providers Collaborate with PCN Members for Important Project

16th May 2019

Convoy Logistics Providers Collaborate with PCN Members for Important Project
Convoy Logistics Providers Collaborate with PCN Members for Important Project

Convoy Logistics Providers (CLP) have completed the delivery of the first of 3 major components for the new Central Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel (CSFSF) in Ukraine. This is a key project for the energy independence of Ukraine and CLP partnered with fellow PCN member in the country, Farcont Project to provide and support the need for destination services.

  • Cargo: Spent Fuel Transfer Cask
  • Dimensions: 6.28 x 2.74 x 3.05m
  • Weight: 89,142kg
  • 19-axle Trailer Transport: 68.58m
  • Total Weight: 109,412kg

"CLP was awarded this 3-year project on the heels of the near completion of a previous project, the Interim Spent Fuel storage facility (ISF-2) which will house more than 20,000 spent fuel assemblies discharged from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. For this project, CLP have been researching and implementing the logistics solutions for the transport of storage cask assemblies and ancillaries from the USA to Ukraine with the support of Farcont Project since 2015 which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019 with more to come."

"After the extensive research and planning, CLP arranged the transport of this first transfer cask from Eastern USA to a southern USEC port to meet a vessel during the turbulent hurricane season experienced in September and October 2018. Traveling over 700mi from the origin factory, the super-load had to avoid severe weather at times and also had to wait out flooded highways and for streets to be cleared. The origin inland delivery faced many delays due to multiple hurricanes battering the US Gulf and East-Coast and the intended vessel was diverted so an alternative vessel had to be sourced. Finally, the cargo was loaded and CLP project managers were in attendance at both the origin facility and port of loading, working closely with the shipper, port and vessel owner to ensure all aspects of the lifting, loading and lashing were accomplished to meet the vessel owner's and clients' requirements and specifications."

"At the same time, CLP had already been in the process of delivering multiple smaller casks and ancillary equipment from the USA for the same project with support of Farcont Project for destination services. These also faced delays due to the lengthy permitting process. It is also pertinent to note that fellow PCN member in Germany, GRUBER Logistics (PAO) has been assisting with local representation at the port of arrival, arranging terminal handling and marine survey reports for the discharge operations at Bremerhaven. These smaller shipments of equipment had to be installed with the cask for testing prior to the final installation and arrival of the larger cargo (Spent Fuel Transfer Cask). Despite these challenges, CLP and Farcont Project overcame the tight transport schedule and delivered the Transfer Cask direct from the vessel at the port of Chornomorsk in Ukraine, together with the other relevant cargo, in time for the scheduled testing and press conferences at site."