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C.H. Robinson Moves Transformers Using Jack & Slide Method

24th June 2019

C.H. Robinson Moves Transformers Using Jack & Slide Method
C.H. Robinson Moves Transformers Using Jack & Slide Method

C.H. Robinson Project Logistics were recently asked by a customer for help moving two transformers from two separate live substations in Texas. A smaller transformer (25mtns) and a larger one (33.5mtns) needed to swap places. The project logistics team developed a tailored solution to get the job done using jack and slide methods.

The first transformer, and the smaller of the two, was at a substation in Big Springs and while it only weighed 25mtns, the substation is located in an area with live 138kv wires overhead. This eliminated the possibility of using cranes to lift it out of the substation but through careful collaboration with the customer's team, C.H. Robinson chose a jack and slide method - a load moving process that first involves jacking the load onto a guided track that then allows it to slide to its desired location.

The team's first step was to raise the transformer high enough to clear the surrounding fence. Using a jack attached at each of the transformer's corners, the piece was lifted, wooden rail ties were slid underneath and rails were placed on top of the wood. Then, the transformer slid across the rails and over the fencing. Once the transformer was a safe distance from overhead wires, a low bed trailer was positioned nearby and the jack and slide method was used to manoeuvre the transformer onto the trailer. The transformer was jacked up again on the trailer in order to remove the wooden ties and rails before being lowered and secured in place. The transformer then travelled to its new destination at the second substation in Loraine, where it could be temporarily stored until ready to be placed on the pad once occupied by the larger transformer.

While the first transformer was being transported to Loraine, the customer readied the area in Big Springs, to support the new, larger transformer. Loading the larger transformer in Loraine followed the same process as the smaller one using the jack and slide method. However, the delivery required a bit more creativity. The new infrastructure needed to support the transformer's larger size which meant positioning it within the substation would require the transformer to temporarily turn so it could fit around the infrastructure before it could be righted and placed in position. Careful pre-planning helped this additional step run smoothly.

In total, the project required C.H. Robinson's experts to perfectly manoeuvre three separate jack and slide moves at two separate live substations. The team's execution was flawless and throughout the project, the project logistics team at C.H. Robinson focused on managing the customer's risks and costs effectively.