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BGL Transport Thermal Oxidizer Package to Singapore

8th November 2022

BGL Transport Thermal Oxidizer Package to Singapore
BGL Transport Thermal Oxidizer Package to Singapore

Best Global Logistics (BGL) recently took on the complete scope to plan, load and ship a thermal oxidizer package from Vung Tau, Vietnam, destined to Keppel Shipyard in Singapore.

On very short notice, BGL managed to complete full marine engineering, redesigning of grillage construction as well mobilising a suitable set of tug and barge along with SPMTs and other assets required for load-out. Working closely with the Marine Warranty Surveyor BGL appointed, all aspects of the load-out, sea-fastening, load-spread and transport were fully approved without delay.

The 350 ton of cargo included a 22.0 (L) x 13.0 (W) x 15.0 (H) m Thermal Oxidizer Module and a 31 x OD 3.4 m Thermal Oxidizer Stack.

BGL had to overcome multiple challenges, such as typhoon season, lack of availability of assets in the market, grillage design versus SPMTs to be sourced and a very short time to plan, engineer and complete the project.

Reidar Evensen, Group Director of Offshore and Project Logistics, explains:

“Our excellent project managers and personnel supporting chartering and sourcing, as well as engineer’s ability to design feasible solutions on short notice, were important factors to the high level of satisfaction expressed by the clients after delivery. At the same time, it would have been very difficult to execute this work timely and safely without the strong trust from our clients, and without the support from all partners involved. It was truly a great teamwork and partnership that sets a good example of how a project should be set up and executed.”

The cargo is now safely installed on-board one of the most prestigious vessels in the offshore floating production market.

Click here to view a video BGL created of the project.