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3p Logistics Complete Oversized Project from China to Sweden

3rd October 2023

3p Logistics Complete Oversized Project from China to Sweden
3p Logistics Complete Oversized Project from China to Sweden

Ilya Goncharov, Global Project Manager of 3p Logistics is pleased to share a movement that he and Global Project Director Niels Chr. V. Andersen coordinated from the first to the final touches.

This shipment was organised for a new 'green tech' manufacturer of the world's most environmentally-friendly mineral fertiliser, and the destination was in a beautiful area of Sweden - the port of Köpmanholmen.

In the electric car battery manufacturing and pulp industries, workers in Sweden will manufacture a sustainable mineral fertiliser from residual products. They will use traditional and proven processing technology powered by fossil-free electricity.

Ilya Goncharov, Project Manager, comments:

"This will be an important contribution to the green transformation of agriculture, and it is an honor for 3p Logistics to be a part of such a unique project."

The largest piece of cargo involved in the shipment featured a diameter of 7.4m. Ilya and Niels decided on a "net zero" method of transport using the new LNG-powered CMA CGM vessel 'Concorde', which travelled from China to Hamburg.

"One giant crystallizer had the size equal of twenty-four standard containers on the vessel!"

In total, 3p Logistics moved two huge breakbulk items and seven OOG items. In height and width, this marked the biggest in 3PL history with measurements of 7.0 (H) x 7.4 (W) meters.

The company used a floating crane to unload from the vessel, as well as for loading a barge for delivery between the terminals in Hamburg.

The cargo was then transloaded to a breakbulk vessel in Hamburg before delivery to the final destination in Sweden.