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2021 Member Quality Control Survey Results

9th February 2022

2021 Member Quality Control Survey Results
2021 Member Quality Control Survey Results

Did you know our global network comprises of 260+ specialist companies in 115 countries?

As we continue to grow and as inter-trade continues to increase, it is important that we monitor the quality of our Members to ensure that we have recruited the right companies, who perform in a conscientious, diligent and professional manner.

We received completed Quality Control Surveys from 180+ companies. We offer a personal thank you to each of you who took the time to submit the form - it is much appreciated and enables us to continually monitor our membership.

We are delighted by the amount of shipments that are being nominated within PCN, despite the challenging year we have just had. The results showed that 89% of you are working with 10 or more Members, 34% of you are working with 20 or more Members and 11% of you are working with 30 or more Members.

Project forwarders do not ship to every country every week - yet every year we see an increase in inter-trade within PCN – fantastic news!

We are also delighted that the performance results of our Members show the Excellent/Average (99%) ratings far outweigh the Poor (1%).

Here we highlight some of the comments regarding companies that you have been particularly impressed with:

  • Eversail Logistics China, Curtis + Lees Ireland and Central Oceans UK - Excellence service when handling our shipments from China, Ireland and UK respectively.
  • Eastern Ship Romania - extremely professional people!
  • Conveyor Logistics Bangladesh has good performance.
  • Realco Taiwan has been most beneficial partner.
  • Noatum Project Cargo South Korea just completed a move, Stan was excellent.
  • Our colleagues from Schryver Ecuador have impressive projects.
  • Central Oceans a great co-member to work with.
  • Global Star Logistics China - We had a shipment months ago, we could not get a booking, so we contact a Global Star Logistics as a members of PCN, and they were able to get the booking, the service and communication was very good.
  • Hacklin Logistics Finland is a very professional company to work with, having a fantastic team who understand project logistics and it's challenges very well. They are truly "partners" to work with. Our good wishes and continued success to Marianne, Ly and the entire Hacklin team.
  • ABL NV Belgium is thoroughly a "solution based company" having an impressive team. Their response times are fast, precise and solution oriented.
  • Special mention to the team of Central Oceans Thailand & Singapore for continued mutual support and communication.
  • With Nunner Netherlands we are sharing business and working very well together.
  • RAMPS Guyana have handled some business for us very professionally and we hope to continue that business in 2022.
  • Conveyor Logistics Bangladesh, for their comprehensive and very detailed offer on a challenging project concerning some oversized surge tanks for Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh.
  • PT. Perdana Indonesia, Central Oceans Thailand and Sky Line Sri Lanka - They are all professional and good at assisting us in projects.
  • We have been particularly impressed by the services offered by Hannational China and Nunner Netherlands.
  • Fortune Italy - real chartering knowledge which is also our speciality.
  • We have recently developed some new business on the African continent and Brad, Devon & Lance at Afriguide have been outstanding with their service levels as a whole, we have had excellent dealings with all of the members that we have been able work with in an extremely challenging 12-24 months.
  • ABL Belgium always provide reliable and efficient service.
  • Origin Logistics Turkey always tops and so are Polaris UAE.
  • Shipway from Argentina. They have a very good and professional team.
  • Service from Gruber Logistics Germany is very much impressing. They are always ready to help and very kind whatever we ask from them.
  • Freja Denmark - Excellent and professional.
  • Livo Logistics in Czech Republic are great to work with. Petr and Renata are very thorough and have a good understanding of the US market.
  • We have done a lot of good work with BATI in Turkey. They handled a large shipment for us that needed a creative solution due to the width and height of one of the pieces. Their communication was very strong.
  • I never have any issues with Afriguide Logisitics South Africa. Brad and his team do a very good job in turning around rate quotations.
  • ABL Belgium has given us both export and import shipments. They are very professional.
  • We have regular dealings with CHS Air & Sea Finland. They are very active from a sales standpoint and the USA seems to be a market they focus on.
  • Sky Line Sri Lanka are very good at proving rates and shipment update.

We are so proud of our 12 year old network and found this comment very heart-warming!

  • "It is commendable to see the PCN management go out of the way to ensure continued face-to-face meetings, interactions through digital platforms & marketing to keep up with the pace they started with, even during most difficult times. We wish them well and hope to be a part of more successful partnerships as members with the PCN."

We will always be stronger together!